Cane Seasons 1-5 DVD box set

The play focuses on the history of entrepreneurship and internal power struggles about a large Cuban-American family (Duque family). The family is prestigious in the business circle at South Florida, which monopolizes most of the rum and sugar business. Recently, the family leader Pancho in Cane Seasons 1-5 DVD box set is considering reaching a profitable but suspicious transaction with his incompatible rival Samuel family. Samuel family will purchase large tracts of sugarcane from Pancho.

Pancho faces a dilemma now: whether to sell the sugar business that was run a long time to raise financial resources to do a good job of selling rum; or to cancel the deal to save the family heritage, but everything will have to make a fresh start again. His impulsive natural son Frank approves for the first choice, but his adopted son Alex who does things soundly was in favor of the second option, because he always distrust Samuel family, and firmly believes that the sugar business is still profitable in Cane Seasons 1-5 DVD box set.

Alex and Frank have different opinions on doing business, as well as their lifestyle. Frank is not interested in chasing a woman, but Alex is in love with his beautiful wife, Pancho’s daughter Isabel. Isabel married to Alex when she was just 17 years. In order not to cause trouble for Alex, she chose to stay away from the family business to take care of three children. These kids also do not want to intervene in the interests of family disputes, determine to go a different path with his father. But things are easier to say than do. For Duque family, what is the most important? The benefit of the family or each person’s secrets and conflicts, will these things can overshadow everything? Love, desire, coveting the wealth of the family, will these lead to the decline of the family?

You can get all the answers in Cane Seasons 1-5 DVD box set. I love it!